Blackjack Strategy – Setting your Goal and reaching your Table

The general structure of the game of blackjack doesn’t change no matter where you decide to play it. To succeed in this skill game it is very important to understand the layout and purpose of the game. Each casino has its own specials but you can improve your results by starting in the right place and knowing where you are going. Read through these important points and keep them in mind next time you decide to play it online.

The Goal of your Game

play blackjackIt is easy enough to say that you want to get a Blackjack in blackjack. A Blackjack, which is often called a Natural, is the exact sum of 21. To get this magic number isn’t easy but it happens so it is only healthy to keep this as a goal at all times. You just have to make sure not to stare yourself blind at the 21 and try your best to get the highest sum you can without busting. (going past 21)

A goal that every player must have for their blackjack game is to beat the dealer because this is really what the game is about. You want to get more than the dealer. A tie, called push in blackjack, is not something you want to see happen too often. Ties in blackjack usually mean that no one wins which is just a waste of time for all.

The Bets

Every blackjack game has its own set bets that you can make. You should be able to see the maximum and the minimum bets already in the lobby. This way you can choose your specific blackjack table based on how much your wallet can hold. If you get to a table and you can’t seem to take a seat and make a bet this is most likely because a game is still being played. Wait a bit and you will see that you can click on the seat and sit down as soon as the previous game has been played out. You will see your chips stacked at the bottom of the window so that you can tell how much you have to play with as the game goes on.

Getting to a Seat and Table

A good online casino should have an easy to read structure of their blackjack games in the lobby. The tables that are available will look like little icons that you can click on. They are basically links to the table that you choose. Blackjack tables in online casinos can have many seats but an average of five plus the dealer is very common. There are games were you can buy more than one seat in the same game. There are also casinos which will allow you to play several blackjack games at the same time.


Your goal for blackjack should be to get a 21 or as high as possible and you should always make sure to understand how you sit down by a table.

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