Roulette and Superstition

Roulette is a game with many myths about its origins. There are also plenty of strategies for beating the roulette wheel that are pure superstition. For a new roulette player trying to get to the bottom with what strategies for roulette that will work it is very important to understand this well. Once you start looking at superstition as part of the game you will be more aware of this element in many of the strategies offered online.

The Game of the Devil

roulette devilThere are claims that roulette has something to do with belief in the devil. Even if most people are well aware of this being pure nonsense it says a lot about the nature of the game and of those who promote it. Once there is something a bit mystical tied in with the origins of the game people seem more willing to accept it as special and worth losing money on. Yes, losing money. Roulette is the game where players will support the casino the best so it is only natural that casinos want to find cool ways of making it even more popular.

Chance Games and Luck

That superstition has such a big influence on roulette players has to do with the fact that it is a chance game. There isn’t much you can do to affect the results except for trying to play with the best odds possible. This fact alone makes players look for alternative ways of bending the luck. Once a player has started to think like this it isn’t so hard to believe why the game has so many useless and freaky theories tied to it. If luck is about a good feeling then by all means, go for it but if you think you can force it by lucky charms you are on the wrong path!

Lucky Numbers

It is very common for roulette players to favor some bets over others. They feel that a certain number or combination of numbers enhance their luck. Individual players will always have their specific reasons for picking one number over the other. This is not really a superstitious thing to do. In fact, it can be a lot more fun to play once you feel that your bets remind you of good things in your life like birth days and number of kids and so on.

Superstition as Strategy

Every player will have some type of strategy which is based more on feelings than real logic. Something to watch out for is when you come across a strategy online which is based on superstition. Roulette betting systems might have serious and fancy names but if they are dependent on luck to work they are not real strategy but rather superstition. Before you try out a new system or strategy you need to take a step back and perhaps consult with a friend. Does this system seem like a logic solution for winning games or is it all about luck? Figure this out and then decide if you want to believe in it!


Superstition is part of roulette gaming but a player must be cautious not to mix it up with real and serious roulette strategies.

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